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Free Video Software is a simple list of the best free video software we know of for Windows and Mac. We aren't trying to be a comprehensive listing of every app, instead we want to showcase the best, most important, and easiest to use. If you think we're missing any great apps, please let us know: info@bestfreesoftwarelist.com

The best free video software in the world. Unless specified, programs are available for both Windows and Mac.

Video Playback

  • Download Page miro


    Beautiful interface. Plays virtually any type of video file. Subscribe to video RSS, download, and watch all in one. Torrent support. Search and download from YouTube and others.

  • Download Page VLC


    Plays more video files than most players: Quicktime, AVI, DIVX, OGG, and more. Pretty good interface.

  • Download Page MPlayer


    The interface and buttons are not as nice, but it may play even more video files than VLC.

  • Download Page MPlayer

    Perian (Mac Only)

    A plugin that allows quicktime to play additional video formats. (Included in Miro.)


DVD Importing

DVD / CD Burning



Effects and Compositing

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